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Meet the Producer - Valle Verde

Meet the Producer - Valle Verde

Valle Verde is located right on the lakeshores of San Carlos de Bariloche, a small Patagonian city surrounded by lakes, known as the 'Switzerland of South America.'  Admired for its mountain landscapes and broad diversity of natural wonders, Bariolche has breathtaking beauty everywhere you look. 

The cold climates that characterize the region have shaped its culinary culture. Patagonian cuisine is known for its fish and seafood from the Tierra del Fuego, lamb from the vast steppe, red berries from the Andean Region, mushrooms, fruit, nuts, honey, and craft beer.

Here we find Valle Verde, a truly family-run business specializing in Patagonian preserves. They are proud of keeping a local identity along with foods made with local ingredients.  As Valle Verde emphasizes: All its products contain no additives, no preservatives, are 100% all-natural and of course, Patagonian.

Visiting the facility and learning the family history from proprietors Francisco and his wife Carolina underscored the connection they have to the food they produce, as well their appreciation for the rich history of this spectacular area of Patagonia.

Francisco showed me around a museum next to the factory, filled with old photos and artifacts of early explorers to the region including his great grandfather and grandfather.  He is an avid photographer with an amazing collection of antique cameras, photographs and artifacts from the early settlers. The passion he, his friends and colleagues share for the region comes through in this charming museum collection.

Full Olive is proud to import Valle Verde preserves for its U.S. customers. We hope you’ll support this family-operated enterprise and try these outstanding, flavorful products!