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Food Lover's Gift Box


Full Olive has a surefire way to your beloved’s heart! It starts with an appetite and we've have the perfect box for Valentine's Day!

20% off our retail price. 

Millan Aged Balsamic Vinegar, 8.5 oz – Made in the Modena traditional method, this deep balsamic is thick and creamy, ideal for meats, cheeses, fruits (strawberries) and your favorite desserts.

Sundried Tomatoes, 6.3 oz - These flavorful sundried tomatoes are packed in olive oil and vinegar, with an herbal boost of basil and parsley!  Great for a cheese plate, egg dishes, or any pasta entree.  

Basil Pesto Spread, 3 oz - The spreadable classic, made with basil, walnuts and parmesan, is great for cheese and crackers, but also as a flavorful hack mixed into cooked pasta!  

Tapenade, 6 oz - Argentinian olives are infused with a blend of aromatic herbs (and a hint of anchovy) in this versatile spread. Enjoy with veggies, crusty bread, or to enhance pasta sauce.

+ custom Full Olive Gift Box