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Green Arauco Olives - Unpitted 100% Arauco


Experience the Authentic Flavor of Argentina with Laur's Green Arauco Olives!

Indulge in the exquisite taste of Green Arauco Olives - Unpitted 100% Arauco. These vibrant green olives are a true testament to Laur’s commitment to quality and tradition. Handpicked and preserved in brine, these olives offer a fresh, authentic flavor that transports you to the heart of Mendoza.

About the Producer

Laur, the oldest olive oil producer in Mendoza province, has been a cornerstone of Argentine culinary tradition since 1906. With a rich heritage spanning over a century, Laur has perfected the art of olive and olive oil production. Nestled in the fertile lands of Mendoza, Laur’s olives are hand-harvested from 100-year-old trees, ensuring the highest quality and authentic taste in every bite.

Tasting Notes

  • Sight: Beautiful, full green olives that gleam with freshness.

  • Aroma: Inviting and aromatic, with a hint of brine that enhances their natural scent.

  • Mouth: A robust and slightly tangy flavor that fills your palate with the pure, unadulterated taste of Arauco olives. The brine adds a delightful saltiness that makes these olives incredibly moreish.

The Importance of Olives in Argentine Culture

In Argentina, olives are more than just a culinary ingredient; they are a symbol of the nation’s rich agricultural heritage and a staple in its culinary landscape. The country’s Mediterranean climate, particularly in regions like Mendoza, provides the perfect conditions for olive cultivation. Over the years, olives have become integral to Argentine cuisine, celebrated in various traditional dishes and enjoyed as simple, flavorful snacks.

The Arauco olive, in particular, holds a special place in Argentine hearts. Known for its robust flavor and versatility, it is often referred to as the "green olive" that defines the country’s olive production. Incorporating these olives into your meals is a way to embrace and celebrate this vibrant culinary culture.

Perfect for Every Occasion

  • Imported Olives: Our Green Arauco Olives are among the finest imported olives, bringing the authentic flavors of Argentina to your table.

  • Delicious Gourmet Olives: These olives are a gourmet delight, perfect for discerning palates seeking high-quality, delicious gourmet olives.

  • Best Olives for Charcuterie Board: Add these olives to your charcuterie board for a touch of elegance and authentic taste. They are undeniably the best olives for charcuterie, complementing a variety of meats, cheeses, and other accompaniments.

  • The Green Olive: As the quintessential green olive, they stand out not just in appearance but in taste, offering a true representation of Argentine olive cultivation.

Versatile and Delicious

Whether you’re crafting a sophisticated charcuterie board or seeking a flavorful snack, Green Arauco Olives - Unpitted are the perfect choice. Their rich taste and firm texture make them ideal for a range of culinary applications.

Cooking and Pairing Ideas

  • Appetizers: Serve these olives as part of a tapas spread or alongside a selection of cheeses and cured meats. Their briny, tangy flavor pairs wonderfully with a variety of textures and tastes.

  • Salads: Add a handful of these olives to salads for a burst of flavor and a touch of authenticity. They complement fresh vegetables, grains, and even citrus fruits.

  • Culinary Creations: Use these olives in your favorite recipes, from Mediterranean-inspired dishes to Argentine classics. Their robust flavor enhances everything from pastas and pizzas to stews and braises.

Why Choose Laur’s Green Arauco Olives?

  • Best Imported Olive Oil: Laur is synonymous with the best imported olive oil, and their olives are no different. They represent the pinnacle of quality and authenticity.

  • Olives in Olive Oil: These olives are preserved in a brine that enhances their natural flavor, offering a delectable taste that is perfect for any occasion.

  • Sustainable Practices: Laur is committed to sustainable farming practices, ensuring that their olives are produced with respect for the environment and future generations.


Laur’s Green Arauco Olives - Unpitted 100% Arauco are a must-have for any olive lover. Their authentic flavor, rich heritage, and versatile use make them a standout choice for gourmet enthusiasts and casual snackers alike. Incorporate these olives into your culinary repertoire and enjoy a taste of Argentina’s finest.

Purchase Your Jar Today

Purchase your jar of Green Arauco Olives - Unpitted 100% Arauco and elevate your culinary creations with the best imported olives. Embrace the flavors of Argentina and add a touch of gourmet delight to your meals.

Discover the true essence of Argentine olives with Laur’s Green Arauco Olives. Order now and taste the difference!

Jar Size: FL 11.5 OZ (320g)