Laur Gran Mendoza Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Laur Gran Mendoza Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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About the Producer

Laur is the oldest olive oil producer in the Mendoza province.  They have been making Olive Oil on the same grounds since 1906 in the sub-region of Mendoza called Cruz de Piedra.

The old production facility has been turned into a museum as they move forward with the best technologies.

Laur has been ranked 4th Best Olive Oil Producer in the World by EVOO World Rankings in 2019. 

Laur Gran Mendoza Extra Virgin Olive oil is one of Laur's top Extra Virgin Olive Oils.  

Made from 100% Arauco Olives

This varietal is the flagship olive for Argentina and is commonly referred to as the 'Malbec of Oils'

It is known as a full-bodied olive with a spicy finish.

This is a blend of the best Arauco olives from three different estates; Cruz de Piedra, Altos Limpios and Medrano all located in Mendoza, Argentina.

This is the first/cold press on the estate with less than .05% acidity

Tasting Notes

Sight: Intense green-yellow color

Aroma: Very aromatic, fresh mineral aromas such as stone which comes from the rocky soil of Mendoza. There is also wonderful grassy, tomato aroma, like a fresh tomato vine.  The aroma make this oil very inviting to try.

Mouth: Full and powerful.  Very smooth.  Completely coats your mouth, very long finish ending with a spicy Arauco kick at the back of the throat.

Bottle Size: FL 17 OZ (500ml)

Awards from 2019:

Gold (Best in Class) - Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
Silver  - New York World Olive Oil Competition
Gold - Japan International Olive Oil Competition
Gold (Grand Prestige) - Olivinus International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
Bronse - Lorcicole D' oro


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