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Millan Aged Balsamic Vinegar


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About the Producer

Millan is the Italian arm of Laur.  Produced in a building next to the Laur Olive Mill in Mendoza, they bring the Italian know-how.


This delicious Millan Balsamic is not something many people would associate with Argentina.

Made in the traditional Modena method.

Harvested with local white wine varietal Ugni Blanc located in the High Altitude Region of Mendoza called Uco Valley.  The grapes are harvested by hand. 

This multi year process first takes these grapes and cooks them for hours until the 'must' is reduced to a thick consistency then is aged no less than 1 year in concrete tanks filled with oak staves.

Separately white wine must is made into wine vinegar and is aged for another year in French Oak Barrels.

After this process finishes both the aged Ugni Blanc 'must' and aged white wine vinegar are then mixed and the concentrated 'must' are taken to another fire cooker and put through a 7-day cooking process until the perfect density point is reached.

Tasting Note

Once finished it is thick and creamy, ideal for meats, cheeses, fruits (strawberries) and your favorite desserts, even on vanilla ice cream.

Sight: Natural dark brown

Aroma: Very complex, with a hint of sweetness.

Taste: The sweet and sour just run beautifully together.  They each complement the other and makes for a versatile balsamic. 

Bottle Size: FL 8.5 OZ (250ml)

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