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To celebrate our launch, we are offering a duo pack for a limited time!


1 Grilling Salt - Argentina Style (Net Wt: 10oz / 284g)

1 Empanada Seasoning - Argentina Style Multi Purpose (Net Wt: 3oz / 85g)


Grilling Salt - Argentina Style
Liberally apply this medium-grain crystal salt to cover all sides of the meats prior to grilling.  It works best over low flame or charcoal for a slower cook: this method helps seal all the juices inside the meats and maximizes flavor

Try this salt for all types of grilling or slow roasting.  Best for BBQ beef, seafood, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, vegetables, oven-roasted beef, or as a replacement marinade to capture the true flavor of the 'carne'

Empanada Seasoning - Argentina Style Multi Purpose
Try this Argentina Style Empanada Seasoning as a replacement for taco mix, chicken rub, or on roasted beef or pork.  Even goes great on grilled vegetables, seafood or tofu!

Empanada variations vary from region to region and come in ham and cheese, corn, spinach, pork and others.  The most common is beef, enhanced here by our Full Olive authentic beef mix.  All you need to add is two parts finely sliced onions and one part beef and...delicioso!

Ingredients: Oregano, Salt, Onion, Paprika, Aleppo, Red Pepper, and other herbs and spices.