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Celebrate June with a Feast!

Celebrate June with a Feast!

Welcome, June!

The best clash of occasions takes place this month: We congratulate the graduates in our lives, we celebrate dads on the third Sunday (both in America and Argentina) and welcome the first official day of summer! All three of these are just begging for an outdoor cookout, one where we share, feast, and relax among our beloved friends and family right at home.

For me, both as a proud father and a conduit to Argentine culinary traditions, this month is particularly meaningful. Myva and I have raised our children to celebrate their wide-ranging roots; as a result, it’s been a privilege to witness how readily they embrace a variety of foods and customs. To witness our tiny humans evolve into the global citizens they are is the ultimate honor! One occasion they know almost inherently is the Asado.

No matter how you grill, throughout South America, the tradition of the Asado runs strong. Large portions of beef, pork and sausages are cooked over a fire and often served accompanied by chimichurri—whose punch of herbs, garlic, vinegar, and oil offers a sharp contrast that enhances every bite. Show up hungry to an Asado, because you’ll be loosening your belt in no time during this eat-all-day extravaganza.

Last year at Full Olive we set about creating a range of seasonings with our Argentine partners aimed at making your entrees pop with flavor, and the grill is where so much of the magic happens!

Our Merken Chileno seasoning is a great example. This is a Chilean dry rub perfect for grilled meats and vegetables, made from ground chili pepper and cilantro and a wonderful rich chili and smoky aroma. We also introduced new spreads to round out a full collection: Basil, Basil-Pesto, and Mustard-Honey, Sundried Tomatoes, and Tapenade—all of which serve double duty, from cheese boards to the main course.

If you’re curious to learn about the many nuances of a true Argentine asado, check out a previous blog I wrote. Prepare to fire things up (literally and metaphorically) and make some memories this month for those dads and grads!